Our first story on KLAS from the Storm Area 51 event.

Went through an old hard drive and found this story from 2015 wildfire coverage at KING 5 News.

Compilation of anchoring and reporting in 2018. Submitted for ‘19 Emmys.

Some lighter moments from KLAS Morning Show anchoring.

A compilation of my anchoring at KLAS.  Includes initial coverage of 1October shooting.

The idea was simple.  What happens at a Veterans cemetery the day before Memorial Day?  This was the idea in action.

Simply the strangest store in Las Vegas.  Although as I discovered, the most unique item was not for sale.

My last special project at KING 5.  Worked with three photographers on this project over the course of a month.

Had an opportunity to profile this wonderful non-profit in Las Vegas.  Shot on a news camera and my iPhone.

The mother of a murdered man called one morning.  She wanted to share her story, but refused to be recorded.  Here's our solution.

Visited Tonopah's Clown Motel for KLAS.  Turns out, it was for sale.  Story went viral pretty fast.

Headed out into the not-so-far-away desert to look at a fossil collection suddenly made public.

A collection of work from my first three months anchoring and reporting at KLAS Las Vegas.

Received an Emmy award in 2015 for this compilation of reporting at KING Seattle.  Without a doubt, my favorite stories.

A brief example of off-the-cuff interaction on the KLAS anchor desk.

I covered Election Night in Seattle with the local Republican party.  24 hours later, I hiked through the city covering protests against the result.

Live shots and anchoring from KING Seattle.

I care deeply about covering the conditions of people with special needs.  This was one of several stories I did at KING on the "Mayor of Ballard".

Then-Presidential Candidate Donald Trump visited Everett, WA.  I was assigned to wrap up the events outside his appearence.

Months of digging and number crunching led to this report at KING.

Stories from my first few years at KING Seattle.

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